Body & Soul Care Program

August 19-27 2009

The focus for his week will be returning to the Self within. There will be lots of valuable information about relaxation, massage, yoga, meditation, essential oils, nature, and expression through the arts.

Expressive Sculpting in Clay

Being with Elly in the studio is always a fun and creative experience. You may make whatever you like. If you are courageous you may want to try to throw a pot on the wheel.

Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology is a gentle foot massage while stimulating all natural pressure points. Usually a treatment will make you feel relaxed and the feet will absolutely love it!

Labyrinth Walk

The community now has a labyrinth open to the public. It can be used as a walking meditation. You may walk into the center with a question in mind, and walk out with the answer. It works!

Drum & Dance

Drumming is an art in itself, but with the right teacher it will become a joy. Spontaneity may take us to the beach under the stars at the campfire.

Self Portraits & Photography

One never sees oneself, only in the reflection of a mirror. The right picture may give a new view of oneself. This is designed for you to have fun, dress up and act out a new self.

Earth & Tree Art

We will spent an afternoon in the forest making art with what we can find naturally. We will let the imagination run wild. And we may want to hug a tree or plant a tree.

Collage Making

Define a new self and put this on paper. All hopes and wishes can be easily expressed in a collage, while having fun. This kind of work often make the "dots connect".

Using Essential Oils

There is a wealth of knowledge about the natural healing arts. The love for plants is explored by using the essences to make potent essentials to help humans evolve and stay happy and healthy.

Weaving your Future with Cedar Bark

Weaving is a symbolic way to relax while the hands perform. Weaving will slow down the mind and let the self explore possibilities with this wonderful material.

Hatha Yoga

This gentle form of Yoga is offered 3 times per week to keep people limber and healthy. It is a sacred time in a beautiful big dome room. No experience necessary. Loose clothing is advised.

And also...

2 x 3-hour English classes with the focus on
the importance and history of Meditation.

Kayaking or canoeing on our beautiful Slocan Lake.

Hiking in our pristine local wilderness.

Swimming and floating at the local beach.

© Copyright Elly Scheepens, 2009

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